Megan Louvin – Owner, RYT 200

I came to Yoga late in life, but am so glad I did. The impact on my life has been profound. I began practicing in 2005, when I was 38. I have been teaching since 2010. I also teach cardio classes, and I am able to bring a heightened body awareness, that is so essential to yoga, into that arena. This makes my cardio workout much more balanced and beneficial. I had no idea when I began this journey that I would one day open my own studio. What a blessing it is to be able to do what I am so passionate about. I could not have foreseen just how beautiful and fulfilling teaching would be. It just goes to show that you CAN teach and old dog new tricks!!

Kristin Maxwell – Studio Manager, RYT 200

I have always been in sports and practiced flexibility through gymnastics, dance, etc., but my life didn’t really begin until I found yoga in 2009. While battling some extensive health conditions – I just knew there had to be a better way to finding relief to all the chronic conditions western medicine caused. I found that yoga gave me quality of life again! – and it was then that I found inspiration to share my experiences to anyone and everyone willing to listen. Fast forward to 2014, when I obtained my RYT-200 and began teaching. Yoga became a way of life – both on and off the mat. I found a more spiritual understanding around me, as I also felt purpose in life while guiding other’s on their path to enlightenment. Although I have continued my education through the years (ALWAYS a student, of course!), 2020 will bring new adventures as I embark on my RYT-300 Certification to become an RYT-500 instructor. My intention through yoga is to share the practice, the peace, and the guidance needed to find our higher purpose in life all whilst properly caring for our delicate body vessels.

Larissa Montes – RYT 500

Larissa Montes started her yoga adventure her final semester at UT Austin in the spring of 2009.  Following graduation and moving to California, yoga is what would keep Larissa grounded yet allow for her to grow within herself and as a person.  Coming back to Texas and after deciding to forgo to physical therapy school, Larissa enrolled in her first Yoga Teacher Training. Upon completing her 200 hour teacher training, Larissa began to teach at Yoga Den. After teaching hatha flow and subbing vinyasa classes, Larissa would embark on obtaining her remaining 300 hours to becoming a 500 hour certified yoga teacher. Specializing in pranayama, meditation and Ayurvedic studies, her intention for each class is to lead students to finding what works best for them and their practice; as she believes the answers are within and heard best when we choose to surrender.

Zia Zen Yoga

Elizabeth Kertesz – RYT 200

I have been practicing yoga for many years, but became more deeply committed to a regular practice in 2012, when I began attending prenatal yoga classes while pregnant with my son. A recent graduate of VIP Unlimited Yoga School, hosted here at the Yoga Den, I am thrilled to reach out to the community by teaching yoga to beginners. One of the many beautiful things about yoga is that you can start wherever you are right now in your journey and keep going from there. Each moment, each breath and each posture can be experienced as if it is the first time, and I strive to cultivate this sense of “beginners mind” in my teaching style and in my approach to life. Off the mat, I enjoy spending time with my son. I maintain a green beauty and wellness blog. In addition, I am a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional and experienced green building consultant.

Tiffany Murphy – RYT 500, Pilates

Hello, my name is Tiffany. I started practicing yoga in 2015. I started practicing at home, then I stumbled into The Yoga Den. The Yoga Den had become my happy place, I was attending everyday to get a sense of peace in my life. I noticed yoga was helping me mentally and physically. I started to focus more on reality and not the pictures of my past, nor the fears of my future but rather the present tense (reality). I started to become more aware of my thoughts. This gave me the sense that this will be a lifetime practice for me. The owner, a few students and some instructors were encouraging me to become a teacher. With much persuading, I took my classes to become an instructor, and I am happy I did. I enjoy teaching, I enjoy meeting different people, and the energy they bring while in class.

Harini Srinivasan –
E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 with emphasis in level 1 yoga therapy

Harini’s yoga journey began in chidlhood and she grew to love the practice.  Originating from in Southern India, yoga grew to be Harini’s passion and part tradition.  After completing her Masters in Microbiology, she decided to deepen her practice and completed her first teacher training in Hatha Yoga in India in 2005. After coming to the US and having a family, she again turned back to yoga, all the while practicing.  Again, she became certified in flow based Hatha, from Yoga, Yoga in 2013.  Additionally, she completed a 22hr restorative training from Judith Lasater.

Continuing with the passion of the healing aspect of yoga, she went on to complete a 500hr certification with the emphasis in level 1 yoga therapy. During the course, there was a deeper understanding on the anatomy, physiology and also philosophy with advanced pranayama and meditation.
Her teaching style includes Hatha, flow-based Hatha, Viniyoga and Restorative yoga.  In her class, she encourages students to find their edge, yet be compassionate to themselves and awaken the inner spirit.  Her personal practice includes chanting, pranayama and meditation.

Tess Muth – RYT 200

Tess Muth is an accomplished visual artist/painter and a RYA-200 yoga instructor. Originally from San Antonio, TX, Tess has traveled widely due to her husband’s military career. While living in California workspace warehouse in 2011 above a yoga studio, she attended yoga daily and was instantly hooked. She obtained her teaching certificate at Square One Yoga Studio in Emeryville, California. Tess moved to Washington, DC and taught at Buddha B Jivamukti Studio from 2014-2016. In 2016, she moved to Dayton, Ohio and was an instructor at Day Yoga Studio.

Tess enjoys teaching all styles of yoga, especially Vinyasa, Gentle, Power, and Restorative classes. She strives to keep her practice interesting and fresh by frequently varying her sequences. Daily practice of yoga raises her awareness, develops her physically, emotionally, and keeps her spiritually energized. Her primary inspiration and teaching goal is to provide a foundation to inspire peace, love, and healing in her students. “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavaintu” – May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words, actions, of my own life contribute to that happiness and freedom for all.”

Nicole Jones – M.S., LPC-Intern, RYT 200

I started my yoga journey at The Yoga Den in Summer of 2017. I work as a counselor with survivors of domestic violence, and began incorporating yoga and meditation into my work with the population once I realized the ways in which it could benefit their overall wellness. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UTSA, and I am currently working on professional licensure as a LPC-Intern. Yoga has changed my life, enhanced my mental health, and opened up so many doors for me. I will always be grateful to The Yoga Den for welcoming me with open arms and continuing to be such a huge part of my life.

Sabina de Vries – Ph.D., LPC-S, RYT 200

Sabina de Vries, PhD, RYT-200 has maintained an active lifestyle for most of her life and has been practicing yoga for many years. She received her yoga instructor training from Yoga Yoga, Austin. Sabina views yoga as a spiritual and physical journey, and she believes in the healing aspects of this ancient tradition. Sabina feels passionate about everything related to yoga, especially slow Hatha flow, restorative yoga, and meditation. Slow Hatha flow offers a safe way to transition in and out of asanas while allowing for detailed focus on alignment, which is very important to long term joint and spinal health. Sabina is also a counselor and associate professor. 

Dedra Espinoza – Certified SEL, RYT 200

Hey, y’all! I’m Dedra. I’m a public school teacher and have been practicing yoga for several years now. I was certified last year through Breathe for Change, a wonderful organization that focuses on certifying public school teachers and counselors in teaching yoga and social emotional learning in an effort to introduce students of all ages to the benefited of yoga and the mindfulness and introspection it encourages. I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact of yoga in all aspects of my life. While I participate in all types of yogic practices, slow and mindful yoga gets me out of my overstimulated monkey mind and allows me to just “be”. Sooo…restorative yoga and yoga Nidra are kind of my jam! And I really can’t say enough about the encouraging, “come as you are” philosophy and community at the Yoga Den. They really helped jumpstart me on this fabulous journey. I hope to see you on the mat!

April Ovalle – RYT 200

Hi, I’m April and have been a yogi for about ten years.  My first class happened to be a full bikram yoga session. . . I loved it.  Later my husband bought a class pass to a downtown studio that offer other styles of yoga,  especially ashtanga. For the most part, I focused on the physical aspect of the practice, but did feel the meditative qualities as well. It wasn’t until I became certified to teach that I learned and understood what yoga is and I’ve only merely scratched the surface. I am passionate about yoga and enjoy witnessing what it brings out in people.