Megan Louvin (Owner)
RYT-200, Beachbody Coach

I came to Yoga late in life, but am so glad I did. The impact on my life has been profound. I began practicing in 2005, when I was 38. I have been teaching since 2010. I also teach cardio classes, and I am able to bring a heightened body awareness, that is so essential to yoga, into that arena. This makes my cardio workout much more balanced and beneficial. I had no idea when I began this journey that I would one day open my own studio. What a blessing it is to be able to do what I am so passionate about. I could not have foreseen just how beautiful and fulfilling teaching would be. It just goes to show that you CAN teach and old dog new tricks!!

Larissa Montes – Hatha Flow

Zia Zen Yoga 

Hello! My name is Larissa, and I found yoga nine years ago. I graduated from Yoga Yoga Austin with the 200-Hour Hatha Flow Certification, and I’m thrilled to embark on this lovely journey of teaching. My goal as a yoga teacher is to offer a dynamic yet harmonized yoga class, so you as the student can completely enjoy and appreciate your full potential. I look forward to our voyage. Namaste.

Dana Comstock-Benzick – Ashtanga
Ph.D., RYT-200

Dana Comstock-Benzick, Ph.D., RYT, was trained in Life Power Yoga through the Life Time Academy, directed by Jonny Kest. Life Power yoga is practiced at varying levels of intensity, and is based in the Ashtanga tradition. Dana leads the Ashtanga primary series at the Yoga Den and is a professor of counseling at St. Mary’s University. Dana is married to Jeffrey M. Benzick, M.D. and together they have 4 children. Dana considers herself “mom to many cool kids!” She soon be training in trauma sensitive yoga instruction.

Elizabeth Kertesz RYT-200

I have been practicing yoga for many years, but became more deeply committed to a regular practice in 2012, when I began attending prenatal yoga classes while pregnant with my son. A recent graduate of VIP Unlimited Yoga School, hosted here at the Yoga Den, I am thrilled to reach out to the community by teaching yoga to beginners. One of the many beautiful things about yoga is that you can start wherever you are right now in your journey and keep going from there. Each moment, each breath and each posture can be experienced as if it is the first time, and I strive to cultivate this sense of “beginners mind” in my teaching style and in my approach to life. Off the mat, I enjoy spending time with my son. I maintain a green beauty and wellness blog. In addition, I am a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional and experienced green building consultant.

Lacy Clark

Certified Hatha yoga instructor 500 hr.

The gift of yoga found me in 2009 when I accidentally attended a restorative class with my mom. That hour was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! From then on I was hooked. I started to practice Iyengar hatha, which then led my interest and practice to vinyasa flow. I have such a passion for not only the physical aspect of yoga, but the inner spiritual aspect and betterment of oneself. This is what led me to wanting to share this gift with others by becoming an instructor. I am 500 hour level II certification through Aura Wellness Center working on my pre and post natal certifications.
Samantha Clayton
I stumbled upon my yoga journey by mistake. My first official yoga class was after a cardio workout at a gym as a sort of stretch to end the day. That was the day my perspective forever changed about what yoga was and has led me to my passion today. Yoga has helped me to realize the importance of bringing my mind and body into the present moment on a daily basis. I enjoy sharing this sense of peace with those who share their practice with me. Although power flow has been my first true yoga love, I am discovering more and more the amazing benefits that come with a nice relaxing restorative class. I have recently received my 200-hour certification, but am continuing to learn with every class and every yogi/yogini that join me. When off the mat I can be found exploring the world with my kiddos, throwing a ball for one of my rescue pups or relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine with my husband.
Ashley Faygenholtz
Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor 500 hr.
Yoga first found me in late 2009. After several years of casual practice and growing passion, I decided to complete yoga teacher training for two reasons. First, for myself- I wanted a deeper understanding of yoga and why it makes me feel so good physically, mentally, and emotionally. And second, for others- I want to guide others in their practice by providing a safe, fun, and challenging environment for each student.
 Tara Lemes-Jones (Picture coming soon)
Tara Lemes-Jones has been a student of yoga for the past 13 years, finding the peace and calm of that yoga brings a welcome change from the hectic life of motherhood, “wifey” stuff, and the joys and business of being in public education. While she knows she requires both the heat-building yang of yoga, it is the quiet, calm of yin yoga that is her true passion. She looks forward to learning and sharing with you the peace and quiet of the yin side of yoga.
Tracy Badders – Yoga Teacher Training VIP Yoga
Tracy began her yoga practice in 2007. She remembers how grounded and balanced she felt after each class. Tracy’s journey with yoga continues to teach her that true happiness lies within finding balance in every aspect of our lives, and in wanting what we have.
Her teaching philosophy is to give all participants opportunities to develop their practice in healthy ways. Tracy has experience in working as a Physical/Occupational Therapy Tech. She has worked with the therapists to create and implement yoga programs for all types of people, and has obtained experience in myofascial release. Tracy is a RYT-200 Yoga Alliance certified instructor with her training from American Power Yoga & Black Swan Yoga. She is also Level 1 certified through Yogafit.
Jericho English
RYT-200 & CFT
Hatha – Vinyasa – Power
Jericho is . . . a man like me — a relatively groovy person who enjoys a good cup of tea and conversation about the weather. In practice for 15 years, I now enjoy teaching the art of yoga, always remembering to merge the ancient groove to your specific abilities. As a certified personal trainer, I tend to blend the western training with the eastern to give a more balanced experience that can be carried “off the mat” and into your world.Hey, it is time . . . what are you waiting for?!
Lauren Matthies
Mommy & Me Plus One
 Lauren Matthies has been a yoga instructor for a little under ten years. After getting her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy she opted for a career change and began teaching yoga. After a couple years of teaching, Lauren opened her own yoga studio in California. After having her son, Lauren sold her studio shortly before PCSing to Texas. She is trained in barre, vinyasa style yoga, and children’s yoga, although, these days, she primarily teaches Plus One classes with her toddler in tow.
Chanel Savage RYT-200

Yoga came into my life about 9 years ago. I instantly became addicted to hot vinyasa! I love all types of yoga but really enjoyed the results on my own body thru heated yoga with a power flow. Due to the noticeable changes in my own physique and growing passion for yoga, I began to desire and want to share with others what I have learned in my own practice. That’s when I decided to get my certification to teach others. The other push within myself to teach was because of my own injury experience, in which yoga truly helped my healing process. I tore my ACL and it required surgery. Through yoga my knee healed quickly, better and even stronger. My love for yoga continues to grow along with helping others. It’s not just about the movement. It’s a frame of mind as well. Healthy for the body, mind and spirit. I have also done Pilates for approximately 10 years. I, sometimes, like to intertwine the two since some moves are very similar. Love the idea of lengthening, stretching, building strength and increasing the heart rate all at the same time while releasing all negativity and judgement from the mind and building confidence within a fun environment. All of this is what I aim to bring within my classes.

SCW Pilates level one Certification
Fitour Pilates level two Certification
SCW Yoga fitness level one Certification
Hi my name is Melissa. I’m a San Antonio Native and I’ve been practicing yoga/pilates for nearly 15 years. With a deep passion for it, I became an instructor 6 years ago. I’m happy to be back at The Yoga Den. I’m married with two daughters. I enjoy music and the outdoors. I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.
Tiffany Murphy
200 hr. certified
Hello, my name is Tiffany. I started practicing yoga in 2015. I started practicing at home, then I stumbled into The Yoga Den. The Yoga Den had become my happy place, I was attending everyday to get a sense of peace in my life. I noticed yoga was helping me mentally and physically. I started to focus more on reality and not the pictures of my past, nor the fears of my future but rather the present tense (reality). I started to become more aware of my thoughts. This gave me the sense that this will be a lifetime practice for me. The owner, a few students and some instructors were encouraging me to become a teacher. With much persuading, I took my classes to become an instructor, and I am happy I did. I enjoy teaching, I enjoy meeting different people, and the energy they bring while in class.
Julie Musgrove
200hr. certified
Yoga found me while I was going through a difficult health battle. I quickly learned all the wonderful aspects that Yoga has to offer. Yoga continues to strengthen my body, heal my mind, and empower my soul. I decided to become a yoga instructor to deepen my knowledge for my passion and to help others find strength and healing.I have received my 200-hour certification and am excited to take my yoga journey farther. I am eager to not only lead others in their journey but eager to grow and learn through each individual I have the honor of guiding.Off the mat I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my two sons, husband, and two dachshunds.
Christina Herrera
200 hour RYT
I began my yoga journey 6 years ago, just after the birth of my 3rd baby. My father had passed and I was helping my husband with his new business. I was seeking a way to stay moving, and a way to stay calm. I suffered from severe migraines and just after a few months of practicing yoga daily, my headaches occurred less and less. I kept up with my daily practice through my 4th pregnancy and I felt it was my healthiest. I have a passion for yoga and a strong desire to bring balance and happiness to the lives all around me.
Donna Dufrene-Alvizo
Barre and POP Pilates
I began my career in the fitness field late in life. I had spent 22 years (and counting!) in the dental field, but had always been interested in fitness and health. My opportunity came when I was able to cut back on my full time job and go to school to study personal training at Northwest Vista College. About a month into schooling, my fitness idol, Cassey Ho, creator of POP Pilates had an instructor training in Austin, and I jumped at the chance. Not thinking I would start out teaching so soon, I found myself teaching POP Pilates at YMCA just a month later. I love being able to share the Good Vibes that POP Pilates is all about and growing our POP Army. Recently, I became certified in Barre Above and PiYo, and it’s a blessing to able to help people reach their fitness goals with these fun formats. In December I will graduate from the Personal Training program of NWVC as a NASM certified personal trainer. Meanwhile, my 2 little boys and husband keep me a super busy mom!