Fun Friday Schedule

Our Fun Friday events will take place twice a month.

The 2nd Friday will be an adult class and the 4th Friday will be a family class.

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9th – Spring Cleanse w/Megan

7 – 9 p.m.

$3 drop in

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Our yoga session will focus on twisting to cleanse the internal organs, then we will have a presentation from Lourdes Malone, a Norwex Sales Consultant.  Norwex is a line of cleaning products that aims to reduce harmful chemicals in our homes.  You can find out more here:


23rd – Family Yoga

6:00 – 6:45 18mths – 5yrs

7:00 – 8:00 6yrs and up

$5 drop in per family

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(one registration per family)

Enjoy a yoga session with the whole family.  We will have age appropriate sequences that will show kids that yoga can be fun and we can learn to move our bodies.  Our littles will have a fun and sometimes silly session, while our older kids will begin to learn the fundamentals like Sun Salutations, and names for the postures.  We will throw in some partner and acro yoga work as well.  We will also begin to teach guided meditation and spend a little time sharing their thoughts.  We want them to learn from a young age how to focus on a single thought to help with stress, anxiety, sadness, or anger.  It is our hope that we can make yoga fun and exciting while we begin to train the next generation of yogis!



9th – It’s All About You!

Restorative Yoga Session and Self massage lessons with Suong

Uncommonly Essential Skin Care Products with Tiffany Murphy

23rd – Family Yoga