FIT Camp

Movement Evolution and The Yoga Den present

F.I.T. Camp with Donna

Contact Info:

Donna: 210-388-9862



F.I.T. Camp Dates: Meets every Friday (New session beginning early 2019!)

Pricing and Purchase Info: $300 ($30/session) to be paid in full (Space is limited to 5 participants)

Purchase your Fit Camp pass here    

Cancellation Policy: Participants may cancel on or no later than the 4th session and any refund will be prorated.  No refunds will be given after the 4th session.  Any cancellations, accompanied by medical release, after the 4th session will also be prorated.

* F.I.T. Camp Syllabus

This includes all of your assessments, goals, food and exercise journal

10 weekly Sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer

Supervised, stationed exercises based on your goals in a group setting

Fitness and Postural Assessments

Includes Static and Dynamic Postural Assessments, girth and body fat measurements, and cardio-respiratory assessment

* Nutrition Guidance

Group sessions to provide guidance in setting personal nutrition goals and help provide awareness of healthier food choices.

Orientation with a Life Coach

Group sessions with a Life Coach to talk about short term goal setting, benefits of meditation, long term goal setting, and healthy internal narratives.

Meal Prep Guidance

Information will be provided to help you get started with meal planning, shopping, how to meal prep at home versus outsourcing your meal prep.

Access to Facebook Accountability Page

Members of F.I.T. Camp will have access to our Facebook page to help keep each other accountable.  Coaches will also be active daily for inspiration, motivation, free workout videos and tips, and to answer any questions during your journey.

* Nutritional Cookbook Included

FIXATE Cookbook and meal containers by Autumn Calabrese will be given to each member of F.I.T. Camp to help inspire you with delicious, healthy meals to cook at home and make portion control simple.

10 Weeks of Unlimited Access to The Yoga Den’s Schedule

When you are a member of F.I.T. Camp, you will have 10 weeks of unlimited access to the classes at The Yoga Den.  If you are already a member of The Yoga Den, you will not need to purchase a pass during this time, your classes will be included.  If you have an auto renew, we will suspend it during this time.

Weekly Group Discussion/Goal Setting

Each session will begin with our group discussion to talk about our goals, review our journals, and how we can improve or what we did well the previous week as well as discussing any struggles we may have had.  This is a chance for each individual to express things that may or may not have worked for them so we can adjust their plan of action for the following week.

Meet Your Coach

Donna Dufrene-Alvizo

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor

Donna had been in the dental field for over 20 years before finding her passion in fitness.  She graduated from Northwest Vista College with an Associates in Applied Science and completed their Certified Personal Fitness Training program under the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She recently founded M.ovement E.volution and hopes to continue to grow her company, and one day open up her own fitness/mobility studio. Her mission is to introduce others to their optimum range of motion and inspiring clients of all activity levels. She focuses on using a strong, educational foundation to promote safety so that all of her clients feel like they have had a successful workout and reach their fitness goals.